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Best Fat Tire Electric Scooters -Top Pick Reviews in 2021

fat tire electric scooter

Looking for best fat tire electric scooters for adults? Well, we invite you to this page. We understand the importance of a fully functional and quality flat tire. From warding off accidents to guaranteeing stability while riding, the benefits of having a good tire are indeed endless. That is why we now endeavor to answer all the relevant questions here below.

Before embarking on reading the review and buying guide here under, please note that electric scooters are meant for different persons and riding conditions. Pay some keen attention to each mini-review to ascertain whether that scooter could really be needful for you or not.

ImageProduct TitleFeaturesPrice
Best for Battery
TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco 60v 1000W Fat Tire Scooter
TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco 60v 1000W Fat Tire Scooter
  • LED light for a safe ride 
  • Easy to operate 
  • 10-15 degree hill climbing capacity
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Best for Big tire design
TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco 60v 1000W Fat Tire Scooter with LED Light Electric Power Scooters
TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco 60v 1000W Fat Tire Scooter with LED Light Electric Power Scooters
  • Steady and comfortable 
  • Power display system
  • LED light for night riding 
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Best for Adult
SAY YEAH Electric Scooter 2 Wheel Mini Fatboy Bike Fat Tire & Big Wheel Scooter
SAY YEAH Electric Scooter 2 Wheel Mini Fatboy Bike Fat Tire & Big Wheel Scooter
  • Adjustable seat for comfort ride 
  • 250lbs max weight capacity 
  • Strong motor for long riding 
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Best for Self balancing
Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter
Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter
  • Intelligent App Management
  • Road Adaptive Design
  • Quality Assurance
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Common Characteristics Of Fat Tire Electric Scooters


Wide Tires

These tires design have wider and stable tires. That is because they are designed with stability in mind. With you on them, expect them not to fidget or fall off even when negotiating sharp corners at extremely high speeds. You have them for your consideration while handling difficult environments.

Light to Moderate Weights

Most of them have light to moderate weights. Their comparatively lower weights let the handle those difficult and demanding chores with some kinds of efficiency. You will also find them pretty simple to carry around and deploy to remote locations. This also comes in handy while steering as it cheapens the process.

Higher Speed Levels

Many electric scooters can attain higher speed levels. They are indeed optimized for speeds which are generally beyond the reach of many ordinary scooters. It is this arrangement that makes them great for racing or accomplishing tasks which require haste. Simontenously, they do not compromise your safety, stability, and balance.

Great Power

Many electric scooters can attain higher speed levels. They are indeed optimized for speeds which are generally beyond the reach of many ordinary scooters. It is this arrangement that makes them great for racing or accomplishing tasks which require haste. Also, they do not compromise your safety, stability, and balance.

7 Best Fat Tire Electric Scooters Reviews 2021

#1. EW-08 Fat Tire Electric Scooter

A good electric scooter should do more than just transport you from one place to another. It should also enhance your style and appearance by its looks & sexy frame. Try this one out. It features some elegant designs which are breathtaking to behold.

Turn Heads Using This High Style Fat Tire

As stated, this scooter exhibits some stylish appearance. With you on it, expect to turn heads and captivate the attention of just about every other passersby. This scooter fits those social occasions which require class and elegance. The weddings and anniversary celebrations are top examples of these.

Cruise To Music With its Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Also adorning this machine is some Bluetooth speaker. The sound quality of the speaker is pretty great. With it, you will be able to listen to great audio output which has crystal clear volumes. The beautiful part of the story is that the quality remains steadfast even at the highest of speeds.

Reach Top Speeds of 20 Miles Per Hour And Hit 50 Miles

With this scooter, it is possible for you to reach a whopping 50 miles per charge. Besides, you will also be able to cruise at a top speed of 20 mph. These two feats are achievable thanks to its extremely powerful horseless carriage. Why would you even compromise your convenience?

Enjoy Some Electric Light And a Two-Passenger Seat!

Lastly, some two-passenger seats also come along with this scooter. This is further complemented by some an electric light. This is for sitting while the light is for illuminating your path. You stand to enjoy some fair comfort and convenience. The scooter is indeed a worthy road companion.


  • Very stable even in demanding circumstances
  • Great for starters and less experienced riders
  • Pretty fun to use!


  • May not suit certain occasions

#2. eDrift UH ES295 Electric Fat Tire Scooter Moped , Version 2.0, 30MPH

Do you commute on a regular basis? If you do, you require a scooter that is not only durable but tough enough also to accommodate your weight frequently. edrift electric fat tire scooter is the one to consider leveraging.

Cruise At a Very Fast Speed

Generally speaking, the cruising speed of this scooter is pretty fast. Apart from this, it lies within a comfortable range. For these two reasons, the scooter is comfortable enough for use in streets that experience moderate amounts of traffic. This is what gets you to town and back.

Enjoy Awesome Performance While On The Wheels

Thanks to its strong power, this scooter exudes some awesome performances indeed. It generates an impressive 2000 watts of electrical power output. This notwithstanding the fact that it derives its power from a battery whose rating is a mere 60V. You also get to enjoy some energy efficiency in the process.

Take Full Control of Your Riding

While riding your scooter, you will also have some full controls on the riding process. To let you achieve this, you will make use of some responsive handlebars. They receive and in turn respond seamlessly to the simplest of all impulses. You will accrue some natural riding in a matter of minutes.

Haul And Transport Some Heavier Weights

This scooter confers to you so much more than just riding. It also lets you transport some luggage and passengers. Its 350-pound weight capacity will ensure that you carry the heaviest cargo limits acceptable. For this reason, you get to enjoy some added value for your money!


  • Slows smoothly when you engage the brakes
  • Stops promptly to prevent any associated injuries
  • Its thick tires provide some double traction


  • Sustains damages easily when used on rough roads

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#3. City Coco Electric Fat Tire  Scooter 1500W

Do you plan to ride longer distances at any given period? Well, you will require a fat tire stand up electric scooter which can travel the farthest realistic range per charge. Being able to attain some 30 km driving range per charge, this is a scooter you want to try your luck on.

Bank On Its Wide, Flat, And Stable Tires!

Topping its list of most awesome features are some wide and stable tires. These measure 18 inches by 9.5 inches. By reason of this width, be sure of enjoying some stable rides. Specifically, you will hardly trip and fall off even when negotiating the most demanding of turns.

Leverage The Powerful 60V20Ah Lithium Portable Battery

Coming in at position two is its powerful 60V20Ah Lithium portable battery. This battery is found in its motor and is the one that generates the torque (rotational speed.) The extra power enables the scooter to bear much weight and handle the most strenuous of riding circumstances also.

Tackle Tough Terrains

Further to handling the most strenuous of riding circumstances and bearing much weight, this scooter also tackles tough terrains. It comes in yet again. It is rated 1500W and is brushless in nature. It can hit the 40km/h maximum speed comfortably. You will not have to struggle that much while traveling.

Enjoy Some Long Driving Distances

As has already been hinted above, this scooter has the ability to achieve longer riding distances per charge. The main reasons underlying this are its solid motor combined with the long-lasting battery. As a matter of fact, it can attain a 30 km driving range per charge comfortably.


  • Powerful and enduring motor
  • The longer driving range of 30 km
  • Stable wheelbase which measures 1756 x 750 x 700 mm


  • Takes quite some long to charge (6 hours)

#4. SAY YEAH Electric Bike Brushless Hub Motor Scooter

If you are the kind of a person who mainly plies rough, winding, and unforgiving terrains, you want a scooter that is not a electric kick bike but optimized for performance. The scooter of that kind has to be manufactured using the most enduring of materials. Undoubtly, one of the best fat tire electric scooters for adults in the market.

Obtain Some Strong Power For Riding

To handle the terrains we have stated above effectively, you need a very powerful scooter indeed. The motor of this scooter is rated 500W. Its specification one the other hand is the hub. On the whole, it generates some awesome strength and maximum power for smooth riding.

Leverage The Powerful 60V20Ah Lithium Portable Battery

Coming in at position two is its powerful 60V20Ah Lithium portable battery. This battery is found in its motor and is the one that generates the torque (rotational speed.) The extra power enables the scooter to bear much weight and handle the most strenuous of riding circumstances also.

Ride Safely At Night Too!

You will not have to cease from riding this scooter in the night or when circumstances do not make it ideal for that very role. It comes along with some powerful front LED lighting. This one emits some sharp and clearly legible light which illuminates your path well.

Select Your Most Comfortable Riding Way

In the course of your riding, you will also enjoy the benefit of having to select your most comfortable riding position. That is because its seat is adjustable to allow you to do this. Chances of you becoming numb, bored or uncomfortable are heavily suppressed.

Leave No Load Behind

This bike lets you so much more than just commute from one point to another. It has the capacity to bear much weight over and above your body. Its carrying capacity is an impressive 250 pounds. You will not have to leave any load behind or make alternative arrangements to haul them.


  • Allows you to stand or sit while riding
  • Perfectly suited for the adult riders
  • Its LED lighting guarantees your night-hour riding


  • Too large and uncomfortable for the younger riders

#5. Rugged 48V Fat Tire Electric Scooter 1000W

Are you an aspiring riding racer? Would you wish to lay your hand on a scooter which has the ability to hit a top speed? Well, you could try owning and utilizing this bike.

Hit 20 Miles Per Hour In No Time!

The scooter is able to hit up to 20 mph within fraction moment. It is this particular trait which allows you to leverage it for racing. You will not waste any chances trying to get to your cruising speed as is the case with other kinds of riders.

Enjoy Some Steady And Comfortable Rides

Also, scooter enables you to enjoy some steady and comfortable rides. These rides are made possible by the two padded seats which also provide some added support. Further to this, the scooter has a comfortable 8-inch ground clearance. You will hardly hit any obstacle or confront any difficulty while turning.

Ride At Night Without Any Worries or Undue Strains

You will not have to restrict your riding to the day times only; not with this scooter. At both its front and rear ends, the scooter has some LED lighting. They emit some sharp and crisp clear light output. It is these that perfectly illuminate your path for your convenient rides.

Leverage Some Simple Operational Convenience

All factors considered this scooter is pretty simpler to operate. It does have a key start and a power display system. These two keep you posted on the performance of the scooter as well as the other vital parameters. You will never have to worry about getting entangled while riding.


  • Keeps you safe as you enjoy your cycling
  • Usable across numerous kinds of riding trails
  • Batteries are certified for safety and longevity


  • May easily injure those who lack the necessary expertise

#6. 2 Wheel 2000 Watts Fat Tire Scooters

If your search for the right scooter is dictated by the need to carry some extra person or passenger, we invite you to try this one out. Setting it apart from the others is the fact that it has a wide pad for another person whom you may ride with at the same time.

Place Your Feet Comfortably While Riding

Longer rides often come with the added strain of having to engage your feet for too long. Most people will usually feel fatigued and in the process wear out. The designers of this scooter have you in mind. That is why they have placed a new and improved sturdy deck for the placing of your feet.

Carry An Extra Passenger On The Removable Extra wide Sitting Pad

As noted above, you will also be able to carry with you some extra passenger. To be able to do this, you will use the extra seat that comes along with the scooter. It is also comfortable and removable; meaning you may choose to exclude it from the bike altogether.

Safeguard Your Riding With Various Safety Apparatus

For your own safety, while riding, this scooter comes equipped with many safety apparatus. These are a red idle light, rear view mirrors, braking lights, and some turn signals. All these combine to make your riding a breeze regardless of any impending obstacles. They let you focus on the road unhindered.

Choose The Color You Want!

Finally, you will also choose the color you want. That is because the scooter comes in many kinds and types of colors. To achieve the best one on the basis of this, you have to be cautious of the occasion for which you want to use the scooter.


  • Achieves an impressive 30-40 mph for a single charge
  • Equipped with some shock absorbers for your safety
  • Comes in many colors (white, matte black, and shiny black, etc.)


  • Quite cumbersome to handle comfortably

#7. NANROBOT D3 10" Foldable Lightweight 800W Fat tire Electric Scooter

Could it be that you are that kind of a person who changes locations every now and then? If you happen to be that kind of a person, this is the bike of your choice. It is lighter in weight and is easily transportable.

Derive Some Awesome Power

The scooter is equipped with some powerful battery. The battery in question is the 18AH lithium and is rated 48V. With this awesome power, it is possible for you to hit 43 miles per charge. You will also be able to tackle the most extreme of riding terrains as comfortably as you possibly can.

Ride Its Powerful Motor

Apart from strong battery power, this scooter is also fitted with some powerful motor. It is rated 800W. It is hence capable of exuding some awesome riding power. It is this power which allows the scooter to tackle those rough terrains with relative ease.

Transport It Smoothly To Whichever Location

Generally speaking, the bike is foldable. Besides, it is also lighter in weight. These two arrangements are what combine to make it possible for you to transport it just about anywhere. You have the freedom to alter its location as you so wish.

Enjoy Some Awesome Stopping Power

Regardless of how fast the scooter could be, stopping it may not be so much an issue. The scooter comes equipped with some disc brakes; both at its front and rear segments. When engaged, they apply the force both at the front and the rear at the same. It is that stops the scooter instantly.


  • Achieves some double shock absorption
  • Has a USB phone charging port which lets you charge your phone anywhere anytime
  • Hits the impressive top speed 28 miles per hour


  • Depletes charge at a faster rate

Things To Consider Before Buying a Fat Tires Scooter 

Tire Diameter

There is a direct correlation between the diameter of the tire and the levels of stability of the electric tires. A good scooter has to possess a wider set of tires. This is to see to it that you enjoy some stability which is crucial while engaging rough corners.

Average Weight

Heavier scooters are generally more difficult to steer around. That is because they demand some huge muscle power which may also impact your energy source adversely. It is hence necessary to consider the average weights. Insist on that scooter which is as light as can be for your own convenience.

Maximum Speed

This refers to the highest speed levels that are attainable by your electric scooter of choice. Speed is of the essence more so if you plan to use it for racing or traveling longer distances at any given time. Be mindful of your safety while considering this factor.


A good scooter has to possess a very powerful motor indeed. The amount of power that is exuded by it determines to a large extent the kind of chores the scooter might perform. If you intend to haul some load, the scooter has to be extremely powerful.


Lastly, you also want to consider your budget. You do not want to dig too deep in your pocket to be able to afford your scooter. To be guaranteed some cheap purchases, determine your own financial resource endowment. Thereafter, go ahead to look for that one which lies within your financial means.

Fat Tire Electric Scooter Maintenance Tips

Inspect the motor

Over the period of time, do inspect the motor. Find out whether it is in good shape and form and that it is more likely to generate the necessary torque with ease.

Examine The Battery And Charger

As you do so, extend the same to the charger and the batteries. Ensure that they are in proper functioning form and shape.

Scrutinize The Fuse or Circuit Breaker

Leave not the circuit breaker or the fuse unhandled. They, if they do deform, may inflict some untold harms on your machine.

Test The Throttle

The throttle is what sets the speed of the scooter. It too should be in a good functioning condition. This is necessary to guarantee that it won’t fail no matter what.

Try Out The Power Switch or Key Switch

Lastly, you should also try the powered switch and the key switch. Ensure that they are responsive and that they also stand to deliver the intended levels of performance.

NB: Some of these initiatives may require that you engage a trained and expert technician. They may be beyond your scope as an ordinary user.

TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco 60v 1000W Fat Tire Scooter with LED Light Electric Power Scooters WERCS Battery Certificate(Black)

TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco 60v 1000W Fat Tire Scooter with LED Light Electric Power Scooters WERCS Battery Certificate(Black)
  • 10-15 degree hill-climbing capacity. 
  • Scooters have a key start and Power display system
  • 2 padded seats support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

What is the longest range of electric bike?

As of now, new 367 km (228 mi) has been noted to be the longest distance that may be traveled by an electric scooter on a single charge. Unfortunately, only the high-end bikes may attain this feat.

What is the best electric bike conversion kit?

If you want to convert your two wheeler, we advise that you attempt Violamart rear wheel conversion kit. The main reason is that it contains many features and is hence comprehensive in scope and nature. 

Do you need a license to ride an electric bike?

Well, this varies greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. It is hence in your best interest to determine whether the municipality you intend to use your electric scooter requires a license or not.

Will e-bikes get cheaper with time?

Going by the trends, we may deduce that the electric scooters will get cheaper with time. Many governments are subsidizing these equipment and many companies are also engaged in their production.

How long do electric bike batteries last?

This depends mainly on the make of the battery, the scooter model, the duration of use, load carried, and the kind of terrains plied. With moderate use, and considering proper maintenance, a good battery ought to last around 3-5 years.


You are now good to go! You now have to go ahead and find the best fat tire electric scooter which mostly appeals to your expertise and circumstance of use. Let others around you to enjoy the same benefits. Do so by sharing this information with them. When do you plan to acquire your scooter?

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